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Past Storm and Fire

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Nominated for Best Science Fiction in the 2020 Rone Awards at InD’Tale Magazine

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Miami, 1992. Val Masterson dreams of having a family. So after her husband refuses to give her children, she feels utterly lost when their home is destroyed in a devastating hurricane. But when a bump on the head triggers visions of a powerful Icelandic heroine from long ago, she frantically writes down her thrilling exploits.

12th century Iceland. Born of Val’s pen, Vigdis has the iron jaw her modern creator never had. Between two brothers vying for her favor and a sorcerer’s magic advances, only the promise of offspring at the end of her tale tempts her away from adventure. And though she graciously accepts her victorious suitor’s hand after an epic duel, she’s heartbroken when the entire community falls into chaos with a violent volcanic eruption.

As Val’s neglect of reality drives her spouse away, she struggles to disconnect from her fantastical fiction. And the more Vigdis is imbued with the survival skills of her author, the closer her ending comes to a shocking realization.

With two realities colliding in her mind, can Val claw her way out of despair?

Past Storm and Fire is a whirlwind of a time travel romance novel. If you like steamy passion, stunning twists, and lush historical backdrops, then you’ll love Christy Nicholas’s gale-force inferno.

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Review from the Judge, 8th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards:

This book hooks the reader from the beginning, opening with the characters sheltering from a hurricane, dealing with the aftermath of the storm and then their quickly unraveling relationship.

The descriptions throughout are vivid and evocative, easily transporting the reader into the story and creating atmosphere and setting the scene with lines like, “The silence of the night grew eerie. The normal soundtrack of city life, such as cars passing by or the hum of the refrigerator …disappeared.” The birthing scene in Iceland is intense and exceptionally well written.
What’s remarkable about this book is the skillful world-building and how the author switches from Val’s perspective into a whole new story through the novel she’s writing as an escape from her rapidly disintegrating reality and problem-filled, mundane life. This is a love story within a love story, and quite ingenious as one smoothly transitions into the next. The result is a marvelous and multi-layered historically and culturally rich romance, set in two countries, in two radically different time periods. The sense of mystery and wonder and hints of paranormal add to the intrigue, as we learn towards the end that what Val imagined as she wrote is actually true. We’re led to believe it’s a past lifetime. And of course the character Vigdis is in fact a time-traveler.
There’s a wealth of historical detail and interesting facts in this book – from the SCA group and events to 12th century Iceland.
The characters are rich and well-developed, Jorge the trusted and loyal friend and colleague, the vapid husband, Karl, the mean boss, and towards the end the new love interest. Not to mention the Icelandic characters of course, whom we also grow to care for...”