Contemporary Fantasy and Paranormal Cozy Mystery by Rowan Dillon


Where myths awaken and shadows lurk, one woman’s quest for truth might just rouse ancient magic. Will Skye find the anShe’s looking for a fresh start. But with eerie noises in the night and murder most foul, can she keep from going down for a crime she didn’t commit?swers or awaken something even more dangerous?


Skye Brigid O’Shea is desperate for an escape. Losing big in a nasty divorce and taking the fall for a patient’s death, the stressed-out thirty-two-year-old jumps at the chance to move to Ireland after inheriting her grandmother’s B&B. But the nosy American quickly lands back in hot water when she investigates unearthly howls and discovers the disagreeable local she argued with earlier stone-cold dead.

Named as the prime suspect, Skye finds herself relying on the constable’s wife and the cryptic clues from her gran’s talking black cat to clear her name. But when her ancestor’s diary points to a supernatural culprit, the ex-nurse isn’t sure if she’s cracked the case or lost her mind.

Can this novice detective overcome a rival pub owner, a dogged policeman, and a thick web of ancient myths to stay out of the slammer?

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Reimagining her life isn’t going as planned. When a renovation turns into a crime scene, can she get to the bottom of a nightmare turned murder?


County Cork, Ireland. Skye Brigid O’Shea is still struggling to fit in. Still branded an outsider in her adopted rural town, the ex-pat American strives to get her inherited B&B shipshape despite the flaky local help. But after waking with a fright from a dream her fae cat claims she borrowed, the discombobulated newcomer trips over a dead body in her pub.

Not about to head the suspect list again, the nosy former nurse chases down clues both mundane and otherworldly. But after discovering she’s not the only person having others’ dreams and a band of New Age neo-druids making trouble near the standing stones, Skye is only certain that this perplexing puzzle is sheer chaos.

Can she unearth the culprit before out-of-control magic, small-town secrets, and old hippies land her on the wrong side of the veil?

Will she find the truth before her own world is destroyed by paranoia and Otherworld creatures?

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A prequel SHORT STORY,

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The magnetic poles have shifted. Powers ignite in their veins. But are their emerging Unhidden talents strong enough to defend them from annihilation?

Anna Taylor is barely holding her anxiety at bay. With scales growing on her body and shocking magic now at her command, the teacher flees after being outed by a student and attacked by an angry mob. And after arriving at a safehouse on a farm in Ireland for training and protection, she feels unprepared for her first mission to neutralize an explosive threat.

Vietnam vet Maximilian Hurley subdues his demons with drink. So when an Unhidden agent comes to Australia to recruit him, and a fire mysteriously destroys his plane, the troubled pilot doesn’t have much to lose. Teaming up with Anna, the tough-talking Aussie battles through his PTSD as they save Cork from a devastating bombing.

As the group of talents grows to a core crew of six, Anna and Max discover there’s little peace as a coalition of xenophobic extremists rises against those with Unhidden Blood. And now their combined powers might be the only thing standing in the way of their total extermination…

Can Anna, Max, and the squad stem a tsunami of chaos and death?

Taming of the Few is the first book in the Guardians of PHAE Irish urban fantasy series. If you like snarky banter, spectacular world-building, and nail-biting tension, then you’ll love Christy Nicholas’ urban fantasy adventure.

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She needs ancient magic to prevent more deaths. But messing with the gods could get them all killed.

Galway, Ireland. Róisín is desperate to help badly burned bomb victims. But to her horror, the gifted healer discovers the explosions have also spread two deadly plagues. Searching for answers as to why five age-old magically linked sites are immune, she forges a risky connection with a powerful ancient deity.

With the god’s formidable energies almost destroying her, Róisín fights to expel him and strikes a deal. But her mission to save everyone hits another lethal hurdle when she comes under attack from extremists intent on seeing all of her Unhidden kind extinct…

Will Róisín’s perilous covenant plunge them all into darkness?

Much Ado About Dying is the epic second book in the Guardians of PHAE Irish urban fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, mighty deities, and ensemble casts, then you’ll love Rowan Dillon’s high-octane tale.

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Her world is grim. Her allies are divided. Can she be the voice of peace and prevent their utter annihilation?

Bintou Sissoko misses the quiet life of ancient texts. But as the new spokesperson for one of the deadly old gods, the master translator accepts the importance of her skills. So she’s appalled when all the men are mesmerized by a beautiful and fiery goddess making a lethal play for power.

With her warnings falling on deaf ears, Bintou doubles down on researching and cataloging the true intentions of the newly risen deities. But unless she and her kind can work in tandem with their fiercest enemies, humanity could fall to its doom.

Can she help her people put their differences aside in the name of survival?

All’s Fae That Ends Fae is the whirlwind third book in the Guardians of PHAE Irish urban fantasy series. If you like sweeping action, war-torn factions, and gritty worlds, then you’ll love Rowan Dillon’s last stand.

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