Historical Fantasy by Christy Nicholas

When the magical secrets of The Emerald Isle beckon, will she survive answering the call?

Legacy of Hunger is the sweeping first book in
The Druid’s Brooch historical fantasy series.

If you like compelling female characters,
immersive authenticity, and a dash of magic,
then you’ll love this mystical
transatlantic quest.

Click HERE to read An Immigrant’s Tale, a
prequel short story to Legacy of Hunger

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The Druid’s Brooch Series

When the magical secrets of The Emerald Isle beckon, will she survive answering the call?

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He gave her a gift. Using it could bring her to madness.

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When he falls for a woman promised to another, can an enchanted family heirloom aid his quest to Scotland and his ardent desire?

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A magical gift of the fae. When a soothsayer faces her end of days,
can she find her lone heir before more blood is spilled?

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Honor and duty. When a man is torn between his
sovereign and his granddaughter,
can he save his reputation and her future?

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Her pain spanning over 150 years, can a woman trapped in a loveless union escape without sacrificing her precious grandchild?

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When every choice he makes unleashes disaster, can a boy make things right before he loses everything he loves?

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 A barely remembered childhood. A search for a mystical treasure.
Can a gentle man fill in his past and be reunited with his birthright?

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A world shunning old beliefs. Can a pagan woman protect her family without falling prey to both
Christians and power-hungry Fae?

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A life of luxury shattered in an instant.
Can a girl protect her brothers when they’re trapped in a centuries-long curse?
The Enchanted Swans
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A rising rebellion. Violence in the air.
With the specter of war unleashed,
can a young woman stand up against
mythological mayhem in fleshly form?
Call of the Morrigú


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