Time Travel Adventure by C.N. Nicholas

No matter where the watch hands turn, she’d rather remain home. But with every time-traveling trekker’s life at stake, can she stop a deadly clock?

Wilda Firestone survives off black coffee and white-hot sarcasm. And despite the colorful slew of characters filing through her time tourism costume shop, the retired First Nations Temporal Agent would prefer a quiet, more linear existence. So she’s less than impressed when a dying explorer crashes into her store, unleashing a plague that sends countless travelers to an early doom…

Knowing her own lengthy history of chronological excursions grants her some immunity, Wilda vows to jump back in the saddle and seek out answers. But as she retraces the dead man’s steps from 14th century Mali and into 12th century Scotland and beyond, she’s dumbfounded by whatever force reduced an entire village to blood.

Can Wilda stamp out the root of the sickness before she too succumbs?

Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. is the intriguing first book in the Toronto Time Agents science fiction series. If you like feisty heroines, beautiful landscapes, and astounding adventures, then you’ll love Christy Nicholas’s explosive tale.

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Her mission to the past is in ruins. Her future’s in deadly peril. Can this resourceful spitfire stop the present from going sideways?

Wilda Firestone suffers no fools. And the fifty-something retiree refuses to be tempted by the thrill of traveling through the ages and instead buckles down to train her clueless new protégé. But when the time machine next door gets bombed and reduces her life’s work to rubble, the angry woman takes on a dangerous investigation…

Quashing her rising PTSD, Wilda talks her trainee into jumping to 1850s France to bait the shadowy terrorists. But when the barely functional device deposits them in the wrong place, the savvy agent fears something far worse is out of whack in the time stream.

Can she fix the mystery before it’s off with her head?

Threads of Time is the sarcasm-laced second book in the Toronto Time Agents science fiction series. If you like witty characters, whiffs of intrigue, and history springing to life, then you’ll love C. N. Jackson’s romp through the fourth dimension.

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She’d swap a kingdom for a well-brewed cup of black coffee. But when whispers of betrayal echo through time’s corridors, can she stitch the unraveling seams of history?

Wilda Firestone thrives on coffee and snark. Outfitting agents for time travel vacations is her craft, but she thought her days of leaping through epochs were behind her. However, when acts of sabotage point towards moles in the agency, the weight of time rests on her seasoned shoulders.

With the gravitas of her profession and a bit of reluctance, Wilda navigates the mystique of medieval Ireland. Following a trail woven with treachery and age-old secrets, she is led from the bustling streets of Toronto to the green hills and ancient hillforts of Ireland, tracing every stitch and thread. Yet, as she tugs on this tapestry, she uncovers a shadowy force – one that threatens to erase history’s very fabric.

Can Wilda mend the rifts of time and unveil the moles, or will she be lost in the folds of Brigid’s Veil?

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  1. I am reading this and loving this book. I know you are busy with other books but hope you write more in this series

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