About Me

About Christy Nicholas

She grew up in Dearborn, Michigan with her mother and grandparents, and then Miami. Since then, she has hopped around randomly to Gainesville, FL, Morgantown, WV, southern PA and now Corning, NY. She loves photography, jewelry, writing, and doing taxes. Yes, she loves doing tax returns. She is a freak. She doesn’t need coffee to be cheerful in the morning, either. Yes, She’s obviously a witch.

There is a strong tradition of art in her family, as her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all artists, so she grew up doing crafts, drawing, painting, and all sorts of creative things. She decided to put that creative talent to work.

After writing travelogues for years, she decided her travelogues should be in one place. The Ireland guide was born after much pain and process, with many thanks to her publisher for holding her hand throughout. The Scotland guide followed.  Then she  finally wrote the story of her parents’ 30-year search for love, making it into novel form. She was hooked! Now she’s thoroughly immersed in the world of historical fantasy novels.

Artist Statement

Christy loves beauty, and thinks the greatest gift is to share that beauty with others. When she sees a serene sunset or a sweet blossom, she wants to pass on the wonder and delight she feels, either in her photography, her fiction, or the creation of her jewelry. To allow other people a glimpse into her mind with her art is a wonderful feeling!

The Personal Side

Christy lives with her husband (Jason), dog (Snoopy), cats (Mallory and Lana), and sugar gliders (Sansa and Arya). Someday she’ll live in her spiritual homeland, Ireland, despite her husband’s vociferous protests. She travels there whenever she can afford it (and sometimes when she can’t!)

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