Mythic Symbols in Indo-European Paganism | Chris Godwin

Three Sources of Indo-European Myth

This is a simple overview of the most prevalent mythic symbols in Indo-European polytheism and comparative mythology, as it applies to Our Own Magic, which is my pet name for what we do.

I like focusing on Irish, Vedic and Germanic myths mostly because they are the best preserved of all the Indo-European sources, with all three containing strong Proto-Indo-European influences. If a practice exists in these three, it makes the strongest case that they are Proto-Indo-European, especially when supported by archeology, linguistics, and anthropological study.

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Source: Mythic Symbols in Indo-European Paganism | Chris Godwin

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  1. The Swastika is truly the worst case of an ancient symbol being appropriated and completely distorted for selfish gain. Used originally by the proto Indo-European race, the Aryans, it was seized by Hitler’s Nazi party as the symbol of race-based discrimination.

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