Lately I’ve been on a Podshow listening kick, and I wanted to share some of my favorites. They run a gamut between writing, Irish, Icelandic, and History.


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What are you favorites? Let me know! I’m always willing to listen to more!

These are in alphabetical order, since I can’t choose favorites!


Answer Me This – Q&A of the trivia sort

The Allusionist – A lovely podcast about the love of the oddities of language

Bitesize Irish Gaelic – Interested in the Irish language? Bitesize is a fantastic resource, and their podcast gives glimmers behind learning the language and the culture

Blúiríní Béaloidis Folklore Podcast – Delve into the folklore of the Irish

British History Podcast – an in-depth British history

Cabinet of Curiosities – Odd things in history

Celtic Myth Podshow – dramatizations of the Celtic myths, including Irish, Welsh, and news from the pagan world. Gary and Ruth are a delightful pair!

Celtic Tomes – also by Gary and Ruth of Celtic Myth Podshow, Gary reads traditional texts about Celtic myths

Clear and Vivid with Alan Alda – Besides being my childhood crush, he gives great interviews on communication and science.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – not for the faint of heart. Dan goes on historical rants and delves deep into the gritty parts of history

David Tennant Does a Podcast – do I need to explain more?

Druidcast – all things Druid, hosted by the talented and fantastic Damh the Bard!  Check out episode 131 for me reading a segment from Misfortune of Vision!

Endless Knot – how random things are connected

Fall of Civilizations

History Chix – the women of history

The Human Circus – Journeys in the Medieval World

Invention – all sorts of inventions through history

Invisibilia NPR – Storytelling with science

Irish Fireside – Traveling to Ireland, either in real life or vicariously? Corey and Liam are a wonderful resource, full of fantastic information.

Irish History Podcast – Specializing in the Famine years, Finn Dwyer gives intense glimpses into Ireland’s past.

It Could Happen Here – What if we had a second American civil war?

Literature and History – rather self-explanatory

Lore – legends and lore

Motherfocloir – Irish language grammar

Mythos – myths and legends

No Such Thing as a Fish – created by the folks that research the British game show QI, full of fun trivia.

Noble Blood – Stories of royalty

Northern Myths – Scandinavian, Finnish, etc. myths

Radiolab – the standard.

Radiolab: More Perfect – a breakdown of major Supreme Court decisions

Rex Factor – Grading each of the British Monarchs on scales including battliness, scandal, and legacy.

Ridiculous History – for the bizarre bits in history

Saga Thing – Grading each of the Icelandic sagas

Sawbones – the history of all we’ve done wrong in medicine throughout history. Hilarious!

Sidedoor – The Smithsonian’s Podcast

Standing with Stones – Standing stones archeaology

Story Archaeology – A fantastic and intriguing duo of women who analyze the Irish myths, their relation to culture and language, and their relation to other myths

Stuff to Blow Your Mind – General science stuff.

Stuff you Missed in History Class – some of the more obscure fun stuff in history

Stuff You Should Know – General but interesting. They ramble a bit more than most, but it’s fun. The SYSK network has a bevy of other interesting podcasts to delve into

The History of English Podcast – An incredibly detailed podcast about the origins of the English language, which definitely appeals to my inner etymologist! 3 years in and we’re not even into the 13th century yet!

The Once and Future Podcast – Interesting writing podcast with interviews with authors, actors, and other folks in the biz.

The Self Publishing Show – on publishing your own books

The Way I Heard it (Mike Rowe) – history tidbits

Useless Information – trivia!

Viking Age Podcast – While his halting delivery is distracting at first, this has a lot of great information.

Words for Granted – the origins of words.







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