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About Green Dragon, Artist

I grew up in Dearborn, Michigan with my mother and grandparents, and then Miami. Since then I’ve hopped around randomly to Gainesville, FL, Morgantown, WV, southern PA and now Corning, NY. I love all sorts of things, including photography, jewelry, writing, and doing taxes. Yes, I love doing tax returns. I am a freak. I don’t drink coffee, either. Yes, I’m obviously a demon.

There is a strong tradition of art in my family, as my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all artists, so I grew up doing crafts, drawing, painting, and all sorts of creative things. I recently decided to put that creative talent to work, and have started marketing my various methods of creation.

I started writing when I decided that my travelogues should be in one place. The Ireland guide was born after much pain and process, with many thanks to my publisher for holding my hand throughout. The Scotland guide followed.  Both have recently attained #1 status on Amazon lists. Then I decided to finally try to write the story of my parents’ 30-year search for love, making it into novel form. I was hooked! Now I’m thoroughly immersed in the world of historical fantasy novels.


Artist Statement

I love beauty, and think the greatest gift is to share that beauty with others. When I see a serene sunset or a sweet blossom, I want to pass on the wonder and delight I feel, either in my photography or the creation of my jewelry. To allow other people a glimpse into my mind with my art is a wonderful feeling!

The Personal Side

I live with my husband (Jason), dog (Dax), cats (Mallory, Cyril and Lana), and sugar gliders (Sansa and Arya). Someday we will make it back to my spiritual homeland, the British Isles, despite my husband’s protests. I travel over there whenever I can afford it (and sometimes when I can’t!)


I also participate actively in a LARP called Amtgard, mentoring artists and doing workshops when I can.


I write historical fantasy novels, mostly set in Ireland, and a contemporary romance based on my parents’ 30-year search for true love. Don’t miss information on Celtic myth and history, as well as practical travel planning tips, and hidden places, in my travel books.
– Better To Have Loved – Contemporary romance based on the true story of my parents’ 30-year search for love
– Legacy of Hunger – Historical fantasy set in 1846 Ireland
– Legacy of Truth – Historical fantasy set around 1800 Ireland. Prequel to Legacy of Hunger. Available now!
– Legacy of Luck – Released!!! Historical fantasy set in 1745 Ireland and Scotland. Prequel to Legacy of Truth.
– The Enchanted Swans – Historical fantasy set in 500 BCE Ireland, based on The Children of Lir, an Irish Fairy Tale. On pre-order now! Release date March 8, 2017.
Call of the Morrigú – Historical fantasy set in 1797 Ireland. Submitted to publisher January 2017.
– Stunning, Strange and Secret: A Guide to Hidden Scotland
– Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland
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